What Causes Lower Back Pain In Females And Common Mistakes That Make It Worse

Have you been suffering from lower back pain so bad that it stops you from enjoying your days? Maybe you've tried to pick up your kids, go shopping, or even go for a walk but your back pain is so bad you can barely move?

I know how frustrating it is when you're trying to go around your day and  do all the things you want to do, but your back pain stops you from doing anything.

It's a common situation that happens to almost every woman at some point in their life. It's important to find out what exactly caused your lower back pain, so you can get the appropriate treatment that you need.

Whether you've been suffering for a while now or your back pain started recently, you can get better if you get the right help.

Read this blog to find out what causes lower back pain in females and what you can do to stop it.

Causes Of Back Pain In Females

While lower back pain can happen to anyone, women are more likely to get lower back pain due to certain conditions associated with their bodies.

However, it doesn't mean you have to suffer from lower back pain for the rest of your life, and there are some things you can do to recover from it and prevent it from happening again in the future.

Here are some of the most common causes of back pain in females.

Common causes of lower back pain in female.

Premenstrual Syndrome 

Premenstrual syndrome is a condition that many women suffer from before their periods.

It has many symptoms like experiencing a headache, lower back pain, fatigue, bloating, and other symptoms. Most likely you won't be experiencing all of them.

However, if you are experiencing lower back pain before your periods, it can be quite extreme and stop you from doing daily activities or even walking.

While sometimes it may not be possible to fully get rid of this type of lower back pain, you can learn some stretches that will prepare you better and reduce your lower back pain prior to your monthly periods.

Endometriosis Condition 

Another common condition that can cause lower back pain in female is endometriosis.

Endometriosis happens when the tissue that lines the uterus, known as endometrial tissue, grows outside of the uterus.

When that happens, it's very common to experience painful menstrual cramps, pain during or after sex, low back pain, and pelvic pain amongst other symptoms.

Again, having this condition it may be difficult to get lower back pain relief but it is possible with a customized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs that will involve the right pelvic muscles.

Pregnancy Low Back Pain 

Lower back pain in female is very common during pregnancy, and many women struggle to enjoy this time as their body is in constant pain.

Luckily, there are many stretches for lower back pain during pregnancy that can help you release some of the pressure from your back and help you move your body in a way that doesn't put all the pressure on your lower back.

There is Yoga, Pilates, and other exercises that are popular among pregnant women that you could try.

However, physical therapy can help you prepare better for the birth as well as help you bounce back faster after the pregnancy.

The Best Treatment For Lower Back Pain 

While there can be different variations as to what causes lower back pain in females, there are treatments that can help you recover fast and permanently.

You might have already tried some natural treatments at home and found that they didn't bring you much results.

This is why you should try getting help from a specialist who can assess all the factors contributing to your back pain and find the root cause of your problem to get a customized treatment plan specific to your needs.

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